reconform problem

Hi guys
i’ ve got a big issue with the reconform tool:
as this reconform tool worked between a V1 and a V2 of the movie, it doesn’t work between Version 2 and the next versions,
in the reconform window, i’m able to view in the list the changes between the shots, then after a shot (the 8th) i can see the changes in the edl modification window, but i’m not able to preview it.
and finally when i do reconform it doesn’t change anything in the timeline.
i’m a little bit in a hurry because if it doesn’t work i’m gonna do every change manually . (and it’s a big pain in the …)
so please if you have any remarks that can help ! thanks a lot

Can you upload a screenshot of the change edl…or even the change edl itself?


Hi Oswald
i can’t post edl list (not allowed) and it seems i can’t PM them to you too please PM me your email and i will send it to you
thanks a lot