don’t know if i do something wrong, but when i compare two EDLs and reconform, i got a new version of my project 1 day forward in the timeline… it wasn’t like that in the past or did i miss something? I checked the menus but didn’t find anything… not that i really mind, but i have the same project twice in the timeline now, which got very long…

Have you tried the same EDLs with Nuendo 7?
I don’t work in Nuendo 8, so I would not notice. I suppose it’s easy enough just to delete the copy?

No, thats a good point, i’ll do that soon, i’m pretty busy right now. Yes it is easy to delete the copy, but as exemple the aaf coming with the new edl where the new location sound from the new takes that were cut in is on the original place, so i have to move the files from the aaf or the new version of the project.

I did several reconforms in N8 without issues.
I always recieved change edls, but this should not make a difference.