Reconsider Behavior of Erase, Glue & Mute Tools?

I tend to almost never use the Erase, Glue and Mute tools since I find their current behavior cumbersome and a bit counter intuitive. For my understanding they work rather exactly like key commands than actual specialized tools:
Just for clarification, a key command works by first making a selection with the Object Selection tool (which is usually already active) and then pressing the desired key.
For me the (obvious) intuitive behavior of an eraser is to erase something by dragging over it, like on a sheet of paper. The exact same principle applies to gluing something.
Currently for both the Erase as well as the Glue tool an additional click is necessary to execute the command. Moreover, you have to aim at any selected item when performing the click which turns out to be pretty tedious when working with MIDI in the Key Editor. Thus, using the respective key commands is not only faster, but it is also more convenient. Dragging over items while executing the command at the same time is sadly not supported. In my opinion only then they would be actual useful tools, which are worthy of switching away from the versatile Object Selection tool.
Interestingly the Mute tool works differently, but you still have to let go of the left mouse button in order to see the results. Plainly dragging over events without making a selection is unfortunately not possible. Also, the Mute tool lacks definite modifier keys for exclusively muting/unmuting. Sadly, the Mute tool is completely missing in the preferences’ Tool Modifiers. Ctrl+Alt does modify the behavior so that the selection is no longer inverted but as far as I could figure everything out it is not definite (It is going to be either the one or the other).

There should be a preference which allows for these tools to work in the way when continuously dragging over events every event which gets touched by the tool’s pointer the specific function will be applied, similar to erasing something in a photo editing program or like when using a paint brush. Of course, non-dragging single clicks would still work. A dedicated preference would suite anyone’s workflow, meaning these tools would automatically become more powerful.

Do you agree with my observations, or are there people out there who can make better use of the current behavior and find themselves regularly switching to these particular tools?

Please don’t get me wrong, I think especially the Object Selection tool in Cubase is very advanced and adaptable with modifier keys. As you can see in the following comparison chart in addition to not being really tool-like, moreover the same number of steps is necessary with exception to the Mute tool. Since these tools don’t perform any better workflow-wise than using key commands with the current behavior in my honest opinion it is not worth the time switching to them in the first place.

Command [2 Steps]: Make Selection > Delete
Tool [2 Steps + Switching]: Select tool > Make selection > Specifically press on any selected item > Switch tool

Command [2 Steps]: Make Selection > Edit – Glue (KC)
Tool [2 Steps + Switching]: Select tool > Make selection > Specifically press on any selected item > Switch tool

Command [2 Steps]: Make Selection > Edit – Mute/Unmute Objects (KC)
Tool [1 Step + Switching]: Select tool > Make selection > Switch tool

They are pointless for me as all those functions are faster with just M J and Backspace :slight_smile: It was a hassle to use the glue tool prior to the key command that is added recently!!

I agree. If the erase tool worked in the same way as it does in MS Paint, that would be easier than lasso>delete in the MIDI editor.


But this item would stand a better chance of happening if it were in the Feature Request forum.