Record 2 or more midi/instrument tracks at the same time but have one record a bit off time?

Hey gang,
This title is self explanatory on what my intention is here. I was hoping to record a section of violins using a solo violin library (SWAM Solo Violin). I wanted to pan and edit the FX on each “player” myself which is why I opted to use this method rather than use a pre existing section vsti.
Is there a way I can (for example) record 2 or 3 tracks at the same time for VOILIN I - but while its recording, some of the tracks’ timing offsets and randomizes a little bit just to emulate that human imperfection? I didn’t want to have to go and record each part individually. If there’s a way to work around just recording once and Cubase can offset one of the tracks, that would save me a ton of time. Any ideas are appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


Below the Volume and the Pan, there is the Track Delay/Offset parameter in the Inspector.

Or your can use the Transform MIDI Insert to set the relative random position.

to complement @Martin.Jirsak 's answer, here’s a related video by Greg Ondo

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