Record 2 Vocal Tracks Simultaneously On Different Tracks:

hi guys…I’ve done a bit or research on this and realize that I need two line-ins to be able to do this. At this point my question would be: Will CB Artist 9 allow me to use two different inputs at the same time or will it default to only one at a time??..Hope this makes sense…if not, let me know.

Lovin’ Cubase Artist 9 since I went from Cubase SX.

My goal is to be able to have lead vocal and harmony done simultaneously on different track to edit individually…

What audio interface are you using ?
But basically you can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously in the artist version.
That is the amount of inputs the artist version is limited to, the pro version can do 256.
If you have this amount of inputs on your audio interface.

thanks for the reply…I am limited to just my line-in on my pc right now…of which I only have one…so my audio interface is just my line-in on my motherboard. I have an external soundcard(SOUNDBLASTER X-FI), But have read that when a USB interface is plugged in, it disables the on board sound from the mother board , so that kinda defeats the whole purpose…lol
Not sure where to go from here…

If your mic’s are connected to a mixer or mic pre’s of some kind, than just be sure to pan the first mic hard left and the second mic hard right befor you enter your onboard sound card.
Make 2 mono tracks in cubase, set 1 as input Left channel in from sound card, and than the second track as input the right channel, and there you go, multi tracking all the way.

You don’t have the Zoom R24 any more? That’s a multi channel interface.

And what mics are you using?

Hey there Grim, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do still have the R24 but leaves me with only one INPUT to my pc…I am using Audio Technica Cardiod phantom power, XLR mic AND an AKG cardiod phantom power XLR mic.
I am trying hard not to over complicate this…LOL
I appreciate everyones input very much!!

Why can’t you use the Zoom as the multi-input interface rather than your PC’s sound card one is, I think, what Grim was suggesting?

Surely that gives you 8 input channels into Cubase?

If I am correct, Yes, I can hook up 8 mics to the Zoom, which is an external multi-input device, however, it still has to be connected to the pc to be able to use Cubase…???..

Hopefully, I am not over thinking this …

It connects to the computer via a USB cable and can carry up to 8 input channels on that USB connection. The Zoom site has a video on how to set it up to use in this way…

The video on the top left on this page: