Record 24/7 using cubase

I want to record a 8 radio channel,and must be 24/7 using cubase and then break the audio perhour.
Is that possible using cubase 8?
I will be happy if you can give a tutorial,manual, link or video to make this happen.

Thank you,


I did some succesfull tests of 24 hour recording on Mac. But even than, I would probably recommend Nuendo Live, which is ment to be used for long-run recording, and it’s optimised for this.

Than, you can import Nuendo Live project to Nuendo (hopefuly even Cubase), and do the editing there. If you need to break the signal, I would recommend to set the Markers, then split at Markers and then render every single event. In Nuendo you could even export these events as dedicated files, or export between Markers.

I would just use something that is designed specifically for this useage. It can continue recording and splitting out files unattended wheras Cubase would require recording to be stopped and restarted manually (with resulting gap in recording)

Also likely to be more stable due to their simplicity.