Record 2nd And 3rd Audio Tracks Without 1st Track Also Re-recording


I have downloaded the Cubase 10 free 30 day trial and know how to record audio from my synths and this is probably a stupid question but :

1 - How do you use a background click track when recording a keyboard without the click sound also recording into the audio track?

2 -I have recorded a bass line on Track 1. I then want to be able to hear that bass line while recording
piano on track 2 but not have track 2 also include the track 1 bass audio recording.

Recordings I have tried so far are including the background click while Track 1’s bass recording also records into the piano on track 2 ?
Many thanks

  1. Use the metronome and the Tempo track
  2. Record enable track 2 and disable record on track 1.

the reason why many people post their system info and hardware is, that is is useful to get useful answers

Please dont get me wrong… it is of course ok to ask everthing on the forum, but I highly recommend to throw a glimpse onto the manual for the basics. This will not only help you with the first steps but also allow you in the future to post spot-on-questions.

HTH, Ernst