Record 4 simultaneous tracks, Cubase AI4 with Audiogram 6

I have been scouring the internet for the past two days, and cannot figure this out…

Am I correct in understanding that despite having 4 physical inputs, the Yamaha Audiogram 6 can only record two simultaneous mono inputs? This certainly cannot be the case!

I must have something configured incorrectly, such as my Control Panel setup in Windows 7 or my input bus configuration in Cubase AI4. However I continue to have the problem that so many others have had, where audio from three simultaneous inputs are all recorded together on every track.

I have the most recent Yamaha driver downloaded and installed for the Audiogram 6.

I have the VST Audio System ASIO Driver set to “Yamaha USB Audio” in Cubase AI4.

I tried creating 4 mono input busses, but it only allows me to assign the input channel as one of two choices, either Audiogram In Left or Audiogram In Right.

It seems either my computer or Cubase is not recognizing that the Audiogram has more than two inputs.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

The Audiogram 6 is a usb 1.1 44.1KHz 16bit 2 in 2 out interface.

So you’re telling me I bought a piece of equipment that has four physical inputs but can only do two at a time?

Actually it has 6 inputs, hence the name Audiogram 6 !

2 X Mic and 2 stereo line inputs.

Anyway… Yes it can only send 2 channels to the DAW.

Do you have any idea why they engineered it that way? What is the purpose of 6 physical inputs if only two can be used at a time? Quite confusing.

It’s cheaper to build.

Basic structure of Audiogram is having a compact mixing desk with DAW interface added on. I don’t know why they market it as an “audio interface with mixer functionality”, though. IMO it’s not. It’s mixer with audio interface functionality.

Again I would agree with Jarno on this.

It’s not quite lies, but very miss directed marketing.

You are not the first person to have thought they were buying that mixer for the 4 or 6 inputs to DAW.

You have to look close at the specification for any clue as to the capabilities, almost like they are hiding the fact it’s only 2 in 2 out 16 bit USB1.1

When in fact is should be specified on the top page in plain English (or whatever language they support)

Add the other busses in VST Connections after making sure the correct ASIO driver is selected in Device Setup.

Did you actually read any of the posts in this thread?

Sorry for the delayed response, but I thank you folks for shedding some light on the subject. I have been able to successfully configure the Audiogram and Cubase to record two simultaneous tracks, which I guess is the best I can have with this piece of hardware.

Luckily, I’m not doing anything too complex at this point. Two inputs will suffice for now. Thanks again!

Wow I’m glad I found this page. Been trying to get the Audiogram6 I got (because of the 6 inputs) to record at least 4 mono at the same time with Cubase…alas I bought a POS and now I’m out $130 for false advertising.

Sweetwaters says you can record 4 simultaneously !!

I downloaded latest driver, latest upgrade for Cubase… hmmm.

What would be a good sound input to Cubase for at least 8 simultaneous?