Record a changing a VST effect [Halion]


I’m trying to record a track while changing a VST effect [Halion] preset.

I want to change the filter effect on my topline from a high attack and delay pass to a low instance as the song progresses.

I did several tracks with different instances of the VST and chopped the section of the track and place it in a new channel with a VS, but this is not efficient and the transitions don’t come out smoothly.

I’ve tried clicking the ‘R’ and ‘W’ buttons then clicking the Record button, then whilst recording, flicking through the presets - but when I playback the presets don’t change.

Can anyone help?


Hey guys! Please help!

If I’m asking something too basic, can you please direct me to an appropriate post?



Problem with Halion is that automation works only for solo, mute, level, pan and the eight quick controls. Well actually ten if you use the sphere as well.

The easiest way would be to assign tbe parameters you want to automate to a quick control.

You didn’t mention what version of Halion you use, whether the SE version or the full version. Not sure if you can change the quick controls of the SE version.

Or you can right click the parameter and Learn CC. Then you can either record or draw in the CC messages.

There are some threads about automation in Halion forum.