Record a SW (Cubase Bus) into another audio

I have created a interetsing delay out of a plug in that I would like to record for further processing. How can I SW record in a a new audio bus a e.g. bus8? In Ableton isn’t that much of an issue.

Depends on the used software. Recording from busses should be explained in the manual, if your version has it.

Maybe you could explain a bit more about your setup and what it is exactly you are trying to do?

I have created a virtual instrument bus and I processed with additional FX. Now, my wish is that I can route/record this audition from this virtual instrument into another empty audio bus to “own” the sound in a recorded audio file. Does this hopefully explain my intend now some better? Apology, if I hadn’t outlined the motivation clearer.

route? record? audio bus?

first of all read the manual according to your software, that helps a lot

and we still have no idea which software

Elements, Artist or Pro ?

For this task, a simple audio track is enough, in my view, with its Input routing control, displayed in the track inspector, set to your ‘virtual instrument bus’. Unless I am missing something…

Render in Place?

render in place works only when the delay is inserted

everything is speculation since we still lack infos

You probably mean recording the output of a VSTi channel + fx to an audio track. The following is one way of doing this:

Assuming your VSTi track and FX are sent to the Stereo Out.

  • open the Mixer.
  • add a new audio track
  • set its output to ‘no bus’.
  • set its input to ‘Stereo Out’.
  • record enable the new audio track.
  • solo the VSTi track you want to record.
  • start recording

If you are going to do this often you could set up an output bus or a group track for this purpose as described here:

Thanks for all the repsonses.
The above is exactly the way of doing it obviously. Very pleasant to see there is an option. Thanks and happy sunday.

and there are different possibilities available that need not much configuration

route the signals that you need recording to a group bus and select in the export window that bus
if you need, select the option “import to project” or “import to pool”

You can Render in Place with the whole signal chain.