Record an instrument track is not accurate

When i record an instrument track, the result sound different in term of note position.
Is there any way to record proper ?
I mean to get exactly the same sound than when we perform the recording.

Here is my problem :

(i don’t make the video)



Are you on Mac or Windows (could you insert some information to your sign-in, please)? I’m not sure, if you are not an author of the video.

If you are on Windows, follow this article, please.

I’m on windows (and the guy how made the video on mac), i tried many possible configurations with different computers, different version of Cubase, different drivers, different interfaces, and I always get a timing differences. (sometimes less than 6/7ms but the problem still).

I also tried in Studio One and it was also not accurate.

But when i record with Ableton Live I get exactly the same result. I can compare audio of what have been recorded/performed and it’s absolutly the same.
I’m searching for a similar option in Cubase