Record and Bounce go to different locations

I recently did a test of something and had done a “save as” to a new (external) drive/folder. I then set the newly created tracks’ record location to an audio files folder on that drive. I recorded audio on the tracks, and the audio indeed ended up in said folder on said drive.

Then I bounced the events that were recorded, but this time all of the audio ended up on the original drive/folder where the original project file/folder was located, despite having reset the recording location.

So, is this the intended behavior or is it a bug? To me it seems inconsistent as a concept. I would actually want the following to happen:
_- When doing a save as to a new location that location becomes the default for newly created media.

  • When setting record folder for audio tracks that becomes the default for newly recorded/bounced media._

For the second it’s logical I think because it’s something that happens on the same conceptual location - an audio track. It makes no sense to me to have newly created media on a track end up in two different locations based on what procedure you use to create it. If it’s on the track I would expect it to end up in whatever folder belongs to that track.

Save as won’t change the underlying project path. You will need to backup project to the new intended folder.

To me it seems that at least record folder should force bounce to follow. I find it inconsistent the way it’s currently done then.

AFAIK you can have different tracks go to different record folders for recording across drives so that wouldn’t make sense either. It would be nice to be able to change your project’s base folder.

It makes sense if that’s what you choose.

But it’s utterly confusing that you can record content to a track one minute and it ends up on drive X, and the next, when you bounce those very events/files from drive X they end up on drive Y instead, and you have audio files in two separate locations despite living on the same track.

I agree. The whole “where is it going” needs to be much clearer and more user friendly.


Yes, I wish that when you select “Bounce Selection”, a Dialog box would open so you can select which system folder (or create one) to bounce files to. The default folder should still remain the project “Audio” folder. But the option to bounce to different system folders (or drives) would be a huge convenience. Most useful when you need to send consolidated tracks to another studio so you don’t have to go to the Audio folder to move consolidated files to send.

I believe a dialog box would help in your case as well.

Nuendo is great