Record and hear piano Yamaha P515 sound in Cubase Pro 10.5


I try to record the sound of my Yamaha P515 digital piano but no sound.
I plugged the cable USB to host to my computer and only MIDI informations are received by Cubase.
The interface UR22C lets appear the “Digital Piano” in the settings

According to Yamaha, the USB connection transits Audio informations to the computer.

What did I miss?
Thanks for your help.

If the Steinberg Yamaha USB driver aggregates the UR22C and the Yamaha P515, you probably need to configure the settings in the driver to use the P515 USB audio channels. If they come with 2 different drivers, you need to select the P515 driver in Cubase and configure the input connections.

Oh great!
Thank you very much.
Now I get the Cubase sound on the piano speakers and not on my monitors. I’ll come back if I struggle to fix that :slight_smile:

Generally you can use only one device for playback and record at the same time. Or google “ASIO4all” , or use the forum search - enough written here too.