record and monitor buttons grey for audio inputs

hi all, i am new here. use UR22C and Cubase AI on widows 10. I did some work already, everything was fine. but once i had to change settings on my laptop to record voice for office document through mic of laptop and since then i cannot go back to good settings for cubase and UR22C. I have red o lot of topics here, most say check inputs/outputs by F4, i did that. now VST audio system is set to “yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO”, ports used are also UR22C input1 and input2, output UR22C mix L, mix R… I don’t have any idea what to check more, but the fact is that all my live instruments (guitars and vocals) are now with greyed buttons “record” and “monitor” i.e. inactive. However when i connect a guitar for example to input2, with “mono” button pressed, Hi-z input2 pressed, i can see in a mix-console that it gives sound, cubase meter springs up. BUT i cannot neither hear it or record or monitor. Need HELP ( computer restarted several times too… but no success)

Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you right, you have Mono In 1 and Mono In 2 buses created in Audio Connections > Inputs? If yes, make sure you add a Mono track and Mono In 1 or Mono In 2 is selected as an input, please.

Select an input bus for the track.