Record and play realtime 3 different Midi channels


I’m working with Cubase 10 Pro.
I’ve also an electronic organ which sends Midi in seperate Midi Channels.
When i check this in Midi-OX is see for the upper manual Midi channel 1, lower manual Midi channel 2 and pedal Midi channel 3.

If i make 3 Instrument tracks with different VST instruments or Midi tracks with VST instrument i always hear the VST instrument on the highlighted track.
I doesn’t matter whick keyboard i use. I plays the same Instrument.

How can i realtime record (or play) each manual with a different VST instrument.

It works with a Midi filter at a standalone VST host, but can’t find it at Cubase.

Thanks in advance.

If the VST instruments can be set to receive on certain channels, all you have to do is set the MIDI track output to „Any“. If they can ´t, you need to use the input transformer and filter the channels at the input.


For me the solution is the Input Transformer.

What i’ve done:

  • Check with Midi-OX if each keyboard sends a different Midi channel
    Search in Inspector for “Input Transformer”, select it and choose “Local”
    Following menu opens

    For each Midi Track or Instrument Track:
  1. Activate a Module
  2. Filter Target: Channel
  3. Condition: Unequal
  4. Parameter1: 1 (or an other Midi channel you choose)
  5. Function: Filter
  6. Optional, Save your preset.

Thanks for helping me in the right direction.