Record Audio Track Volume Automation with cc7..possible?

Hey all,

I was wondering if there is a way to have an audio track’s volume automation written via cc7. I have a bunch of drumloops and would like to just select the channel and record the midi cc data and have it control the volume.

Basically I have 4 faders on my controller keyboard set up to control 4 midi parameters (cc7, cc11, Breath and Pan) and when I record midi tracks all works perfectly, I’m just not sure how to have them be able to control the audio tracks.



You can do this by using Generic Remote Device. Open your Device Setup (Device menu), and sleect Generic remote. Choose MIDI Inputs of your MIDI controller. Upper sheet is sources, lower sheet is functions.

You can use Learn check box for quicker assign. Or set Controller 7 on MIDI channel 1 as source in upper sheet. And Make assigne VST Mixer ::: <Audio 01> ::: Volume in lower sheet. The <Audio 01> is your audio track, you want to use. Or you don’t need to specify exactly track, and you can use “Selected” (like selected track).

So, it is possible in the Cubase. And it is quite easy. :wink:

Or (similar) Quick Controls, of course :wink:

If I do it this way, will the fader then have dual functionality, controlling cc7 on a midi track while controlling Volume on an audio one if its selected?

Because it seems that even when I do this when i move the fader on the selected Midi track, the audio automation of the previously selected track is affected.

I’ve attached jpg’s of both the setup page and the arrange page.

Device Setup.jpg

You can switch very fast and easy between different Generic Remotes. So you can prepare one for the MIDI tracks, and different for the audio (or Instrument) tracks.

It shouldn’t affectd previous track. If you choose Device: Mixer instead of VST Mixer, it will be much more clear.

Perfect. That worked. Thanks. BTW what’s the difference between “vst mixer” and plain old “mixer?”


The VST Mixer should be superior. If I’m right, there should be more options and tracks, like tracks of Control Room, Studio busses, and others, in the VST Mixer.

Ok, so I’ve gotten it so that the fader controls the automation on the audio tracks, but its wonky on the midi tracks now. It affects the “midi volume” in the track inspector as well as recording cc7 data onto the track. I was told previously that these two were different and unrelated volume parameters.


I don’t think so. I think, the Volume fader in the Inspector (as same as fader of MIDI track of Mixer) is controlled by MIDI CC7. Different “volume” is MIDI CC11 (Expression).

If I have a volume written in on the edit window in the controller lanes, before I assigned the fader as above the volume in the inspector didn’t change, now it does.