Record Automation and CC?

Hello Cubasis team,
Is it possible to choose where modwheel movement is recorded? Currently, if the Write button is enabled, it is recorded as both MIDI CC data in the track region as well as automation curve data. Can we choose one of the other? I prefer automation recording, so I have to go back and delete the CC data in the track region. See attach clip.

Hi there,
I have been a Cubasis user for over 9 years. In my experience, there is no way to select or deselect a path for the Mod Wheel, the best way to avoid recording Mod (Midi) data in the first place is to just play your keyboard without using the mod wheel at all, when you have finished recording, select Write on the synth app you are using, play back your recording and operate the mod wheel where required, it will only then be recorded in Automation.
But, the advantage of having the recorded Mod/Pitch Bend data (not Automation) on the same screen as the notes is that any note or Mod data editing can be achieved without having to swap back and forth to the Automation screen.
If you do record and use Automation at the same time, then it’s just a simple matter of opening the Mod Wheel lane, double click to highlight all “+” and hit erase, job done.
Hope this helps

@fixitmania53 Thanks for the reply.
After using CC and automation data, I do prefer automation. It has a smoother motion of the knob as CC records in “stair steps”. Removing the grid makes is better, but there are still only 127 levels. Automation just seems smoother for doing string/synth swells.
Would be nice to be able to record the mod wheel as automation data instead of CC data. @LSlowak

The only problem with automation, if you use pitch bend in Write mode, this generates a large amount of data, if you tap the “Reduce” tab in the Automation screen, most of the “+” will disappear and leave a stepped pattern like midi cc data recording, but manually entering automated data using the pencil creates a ramp which is completely smooth.
The down side of using Automation to control synth parameters is, for example, using Synthmaster 2, tap the Write tab/Play and start manipulating both the filter Frequency and Resonance controls and finish by leaving them set in mid position, now change to a different preset and continue playing, you will find the new presets Frequency and Resonance are still set by the Automated data, so, midi cc recording is the only viable solution.
BTW, I apologise for telling you how to manually record the Mod Wheel in Automation in my previous comment🫣, this does not work.

Yep, I hear you, but still will use automation, when possible, for the smoother data, and smoother entry/editing for ramp shapes.