record button doesn't work in 8.5.1

sometimes when I have montage open with plugins per channel and master section plugins and I press record, nothing happens. Also in the audiofiles menu it doesn’t work. Nothing happens… :cry:
I have to restart wavelab for it to work again. This is really annoying. :blush:

With the mouse or a keyboard shorcut?

Also in the audiofiles menu it doesn’t work

What do you mean, more exactly?

When I click with a mouse.
In both audio files and montage I meant.

It starts to occur after I’m working on something for some time and I want to record what is played back. The record dialog doesn’t even popup, nothing happens.

It’s happening even if I didn’t do anything… This is a major bug!

Mac or Windows? Could it be that the Record window is in the background, hidden by the front windows?

Windows7 x64 and no, it’s not in the background

If you activate the Record option “stay on top of other windows”, does this change something?

Else, try to figure out what are the last things you did, before this problem occurs.

I have set the stay on top now and so far so good. It’s hard to figure out what is causing it, or what I was doing because it could be a lot of things. OTOH, i’m just finetuning plugin settings so nothing special actually. The project that I was working on had something like 20 stems with a EQ on maybe 2 or 3 stems. Then ofcourse the master section plugins. Could it be that it can’t handle the amount of files?
I will keep you posted.

The problem is still there.
When I have quite some files open (8 or 9 wav files 2444 5 minute long) and I also have a montage open with about 24 stems and some plugins in the mastersection the record button does not work.
I have plenty of memory free, so that is not the problem. It looks like wavelab can’t handle the amount of tracks open.
The record button simply does nothing and i have to restart wavelab for it to work again.

Do you sometime you the WaveLab meters to monitor input? Underneath, this is linked to the record dialog.
Maybe there is a problem there(?)

No, I never change those settings because I have a seperate screen where I have all my meters so no use in turning things on/off. Alls ettings remain the same, it’s just that the rec button doesn’t do anything, everything else works.
You can see that it responds to the mouseclick, but that’s it.
I also just found out that it happens more often when I first close a montage and then re-open another one.