Record button won't work .

I have been using Cubase 6 for a few months now but in the last couple of days the record button won’t work on it’s own as it previously did ; I have to press the play button as well as the record button to be able to record . Can anyone suggest what the cause of this would be ?? Any assistance appreciated .


Which OS? What hardware are you using? MIDI or audio? Please give us some more information. :slight_smile:

Hello Bane ,
Thanks for the reply … and yes I should have given some information on the system this is happening on ( i’m only fairly new to the forum and fairly new to the computer side to music ).
The equipment I’m using is :
Laptop with Windows 7 (64 bit )
Keyboard Novation 61SL Mk2 midi controller
Microphone into Lynx aurora 8 converter

Disable Sync on the Transport.

Hello mashedmitten ,
correct simple answer !
with my level of inexperience that may have taken me quite a while to figure out …
thank you for sharing your level of understanding …