Record chords using trigger notes?



Some Chords have been assigned to Chord Pads. The Chords are perfectly triggered when activated and can be recorded per normal to the MIDI track, however, I’d like to record just sets of Trigger Notes (blue keys, green keys) on a MIDI track and then create a MIDI track from that which follows the chord changes (Blue Keys), and switches the inversions, tensions and transpositions (Green Keys)

The idea here is that I’d be able to create just single notes in the rhythmic patterns I’m hearing and then have those rhythms applied to the chords.

Ideally, I’d be able to trigger not just the chords, but also use trigger notes to change inversions, tensions and chromatic transpositions – all of which are available in my version of Cubase Pro 8.

Is there a method whereby I may place the Trigger Notes for Chords, inversions, tensions and transposition on a MIDI track and then have it trigger and record the actual chords on the same, or another MIDI Track?

I’m going to go see if I can figure it out, but welcome any references or suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:


In the Remote Control tab (Show Settings) of the Chord Pads, you can define MIDI command to control Voicing, Tensions, Transpose. By default, these are a MIDI Notes (C2 to F2). So this part works.

But, you cannot route the signal from the MIDI track to the Chord Pads. The only one solution would be to send it out of Cubase, and then back, by using any kind of virtual MIDI port (loopMIDI, for example).

Martin, thank you for answering. I will give this a try. I’m surprised there is no easy to to make the MIDI output of one track be sent to the MIDI input of another track, re-recording the midi. I’ll let you know if this loop-back V-MIDI Port works…