Record cue light

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as I am using WL 9.5 for a lot of voice recordings, I’d like to install a cue light for the artist that will ignite when the record order is executed, so the talent is sure the recording takes place. I own a punchlight USB relay switch box that I used with Nuendo. Has anyone experienced the use of the punchlight unit with WL? And if how to programm it in WL. Or maybe a different solution ?



We do a lot of voice overs. We use WL for recording. Our “record cue light” is manually turned on when I hit record. I too would like to have it come on automatically when I push the record button on WL so I will be following this topic with interest. Have you watched this video?


Interesting indeed. I also have a Punchlight working perfectly with Cubase. Never gotten into MIDI and Wavelab, but I think I’ll give it a go. Shouldn’t be too hard, you would think, with only a MIDI message to be sent out.

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the cue light issue has been solved by Pavel Kucera of Punchlight. He has written a script when the record button is excecuted any of its midi or usb lamps or relayboxes is triggered.
Very good solution

I’ve put the Remote Device map for WaveLab here:
It works for PunchLight USB units set to “Logic (RL)” application mode.