Record Cycle

I accidentally left the loop cycle on when recording a live show. This 2 hour show is now in 1 minute loops. Is there a way to make this one long (Linear) track with a push of a button?

I know!

oh no! I was going to say there would be no way but thinking about it the audio Cubase stored will probably be in one long wav file - look in the project audio folder

Thanks, I’ll check that.

OK. In the audio pool it shows up as 130 takes per track (32 tracks). That was not a good sign. But, I went to the timeline and moved the last take up 2 hours, and it all was able to drag out. I guess I should have known.
Still not sure if there’s a button to do this, but at least this works.
Thanks for your input.

Try this:

First, make a back up so you don’t loose anything just in case. I’m doing this by memory.

After making a back up, delete the part in the project page. Now go to the pool and find that file. Highlight all parts in the pool. Then in the pool go to something like “restore wave”. (not sure of exact term) It will ask you where you want to restore the part in the project page. Select “at origin” meaning where you originally recorded the part in the project page.

At this point in the pool it will give you options for different track or same track. Select same track and you should have it all on 1 track.

Many times I have deleted a part only to want it back later. You can go to the pool, find that part and select restore to origin…and you should be good to go.