Record defaults to odd number track

Weird new gremlin. Example: Set a track/channel to record, set monitor/playback to any even number output, the audio will return on the preceding ODD number track. However, once recorded, the audio will play back on the even number track initially selected. WTF?? I need help IMMEDIATELY. I’m in the middle of a 5 day session. I’m on the verge of stripping out all my software & reinstalling.

Sorry, I can’t help with this, but I will say you’ll probably get help sooner if you provide more information.
You need to provide the Operating system (Win, Mac) and version (10,11, 12, 13, 14) the version (13.0.30, 11.0.70), computer type, and level of Cubase (Pro, Artist, Elements, LE, AI) at a minimum.
If you can either embed or link to a copy of your Cubase project file so someone can see if they can reproduce the problem or if it’s specific to your computer setup, that would also be very helpful. The more you put into helping the people you want to help you, the more likely you are to get help.

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What @SF_Green said plus screenshots. Proper screenshots, not blurry pictures taken with your phone.