Record Dialog box behavior

I recall that in the Wavelab 8.5, Record dialog box there was an option that would pause recording at the end of the file playback. Not on silence, but when the file ended.

I’m unable to make Wavelab 11 Pro exhibit the same behavior.


I don’t see what you mean. And I don’t think something was removed.
What are you recording exactly?

This is a mastering setup. Audio file playback, out to an analog chain, back into Wavelab to record.

In 8.5 I would start the recording, hit the space bar for playback and when the file ended the record dialog box would pause and not record any additional space at the end of the file. I would stop the recording and the recorded file would open an be the exact same duration as the source file, no additional time at the head or tail.

I found that feature to be very useful.

Thank you PG for your time.

I take note to evaluate this case.

Is there a way to activate my 8.5 license, perhaps in demo mode?
Then I could re-examine this behavior.

Thanks again!

I was able to launch Wavelab 8.5.3 and can confirm this behavior. This is installed on a PC with Win7 64bit.

When record input is set to - Playback’s Output (record what is played back).
Start record and the counter waits for the start of the file, then begins. The recording counter will pause at the end of the file and wait for the stop button to be pressed. The recorded file will be the same length as the source file.

This is useful for many reason, especially when inserting a file back into a timeline.

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