record dialog VU meter settings not saved

Today I found out that in WL 9 the VU meter settings in the recording dialog can not be saved as default. It always reverts back to the WL default settings no matter what you try. This is there since V8, check this topic.

I don’t see this problem here. I mean, I open the VU settings, change them, then simply close the dialogs. Quit WaveLab. Reopen WaveLab. The settings are there…


In the regular VU meter the settings are indeed saved an reopened after you close and open again. But in the recording dialog it saves, but when you close and re-open again it does not open with the saved settings, but default settings. When you click on the saved preset it opens those settings fine. Could it be that you should save it at something like default?

No specific “save default” operation is needed. I don’t know why this is not saved for you.