Record enable button not working - Studio 4


Just powered up my old Studio 4 after a loooong hiatus from home recording and immediately ran into a problem. The record enable function doesn’t work on audio channels, midi channels enable just fine and record as well but audio channels don’t.

What could be causing this?

I made a short video of this as well.

Thanks in advance!

Lauri Hakanen, Finland

I actually got this working, but it took some detective work. First, I fired up my old Cubase LE thinking that that would work while I hear from you guys. It didn’t, the same thing happened with that one as well. The good thing woth this was that it gave me an error message, which Studio 4 didn’t do. It said something along the lines of Cubase not being able to create an audio file.

Long story short (insert some googling and tinkering here), the problem was that the settings in the program folder didn’t allow Cubase to create the Audio folder where all the recordings go. I did that manually and, presto, it works now.

All’s well that ends well.