record enable changes psychotically

Hi All,

My record enable button switches tracks when I a) press the space bar to stop playback b) press - on the keypad to rewind c) press + on the keypad to fast forward. When I switch to score editor view and then back to the project window, multiple random tracks are record enabled and they are not the tracks that are in the score editor. I hope that someone can help because I can’t get anything done this way.


cubase 5.5.3 running on windows7 64 bit

Make sur Generic Remote isn’t enabled. Also, there’s a pref to Record Enable Selected Tracks that may be a culprit.


IIRC, this has been a common issue in Cubase 5 where while you are working in one of the editors, Cubase would arm MIDI track(s) once you returned to the project window. However, I hope that’s not the case with you and that the preferences will fix it.


Thanks very much for the replies, sorry to be so slow responding. Here’s what happened. I started up the project that I’ve been working on and I made sure the generic remote was not enabled, it wasn’t. I was getting ready to trash the preferences when I noticed that everything seemed to be working fine. I switched to different editors, and I used the + and - to fast forward and reverse but nothing will cause the problem now. I have no idea what happened but I’m sure glad that it’s working properly now.

Thanks again!