Here’s the problem and it is driving me crazy:

Say I am recording in a midi file with four midi tracks: bass, piano, drums, guitar. I record enable piano and record some midi. Then when I stop recording, cubase automatically “defaults” to record-enabling the bass track. I re-enable record for the piano, record midi again…and as soon as I stop recording, Cubase “defaults” back to record-enabling the bass track. What the heck is going on here. I suspect it’s a project preference because it doesn’t happen in all project files, but I can’t find the setting anywhere. Can anybody help?



There is a pref for record enable on selected track (or something like that)

yes, that rings a bell, but where exactly do i find this preference setting? thanks.

Probably in the preferences?

LOL. It will be under Project and Mixer. Something like that anyway. Not in front of Cubase to check.

As it turns out, this random record enabling of tracks is a documented “bug” that has existed for quite some time, and has nothing to do with the “Preferences.” I am amazed that Steinberg has not fixed this bug, since it has been a documented problem since at least SX3. Fortunately there is a workaround.

For those who are interested here’s a link to the thread:

Yes!! The erratic arming bug. Horrible one!

I had that on SX3, Studio 4, C5.sigh…But… It stopped on the last Cubase5 update.
I am on 6 now and no problems.
I remember that this was officially reported with a repro. And so I figured that
it was resolved with an update. Man, now I am getting all scared again :blush:

On what version are you?

Greetz Dylan.

Never had that problem in C6 and have not seen anyone else report the erratic arming of tracks in C6 except this one hence the suggestion that maybe it was a preference setting?

Yeah, I am also fairly confident that that bug is squashed some time ago.
The discription of the OP is that only one track is armed, the wrong one but still, only one.
In the case of erratic arming after a while suddenly a bunch of tracks would be armed with no reason.

@ Tuneguy:

Did you try the preference setting to rule that out?

Greetz Dylan.

I can confirm that I have not seen this behaviour in Cubase 6 yet. I highly doubt it’s ‘that one’ again.

Did you suffer from that bug earlier?

Not on this system, but I’ve seen it happen on my teachers PC a good few years ago. That was SX 2 or 3 iirc.

Which version of Cubase are you using?
Can you pass a repro to this community?


The preference is under Preferences/Editing/Project & Mixer.
There’s Record enable on selected AUDIO track and
Record enable on selected MIDI track. If that’s checked, then for whatever reason Cubase is thinking (or being told) that his bass track is selected and enabling recording. Try clearing those boxes and see what happens.

Seems like that bug’s back in Cubase 8.

It appears they haven’t fixed the bug because this just happened to me in Cubase 6.5 …I’ve managed to fix the problem with it automatically enabling the record but it also seems to only play midi out when I enable the record, when before if I just selected the track I could play the sound on my keyaboard, anyone know a solution for this?

Thank you from 2018… this has been driving me bananas since switching to Pro 9.5 a few months ago.