Record Enable on MIDI tracks gets stuck WAY too often

Short version: Record-enable on MIDI (maybe instrument tracks as well) gets stuck-on on non-selected tracks.

Longer Version: I keep getting record-enable on MIDI tracks staying enabled on tracks I was previously recording on. I have selected in Preferences to automatically record-enable MIDI tracks (but not to with audio tracks). The problem is I don’t know that another MIDI track is still record-enabled until AFTER recording/playing on a different track. I will find the same MIDI data I just recorded is all over the previously stuck-record-enabled track. Or, I begin to record a MIDI part and I’ll hear two different instruments playing. Also, this is not limited to only two MIDI tracks still record-enabled, some times multiple tracks stay record-enabled if I happen to select multiple MIDI regions and open in an editor. Like other bugs in Cubase, this doesn’t happen 100% of the time and it’s hard to reproduce easily.

Attempting to reproduce this, I open the Key Editor on a second monitor screen with a MIDI region part I’d like to read/look at while I record on another MIDI track. I disable “Editor content follows event selection” so that the selected MIDI region stays locked to the Key Editor on the second monitor. I then click back into the Project window and scroll to the different MIDI track. The track will be highlighted and record-enabled like normal. I’ll record the part in, then most of the time the newly recorded MIDI region will not be on the track I just recorded on. I will find it on the previously selected MIDI track. Or, it will have the newly recorded MIDI region, but ALSO on the previously selected track.

Another example of two different MIDI tracks:
If I double click on a MIDI region on Track “A” to edit in the Lower Zone editor and edit the part, then close the Lower Zone via key command; double click on a different MIDI region which is on Track “B” (without first selecting the track) which auto-selects and record-enables it in the Project window, edit in the Lower Zone, then close Lower Zone again via key command; when I return to the Project window with the Lower Zone closed, MIDI track “B” will be SELECTED but not record-enabled, while MIDI Track “A” will then go back to being record-enabled but not selected.

In older versions of Cubase, tracks would get stuck record-enabled, but I do not feel it was as often as in Cubase 9.5. I’m thinking it has something to do with the Lower Zone Editor.

Thank you!

I made a macro (& PLE) to only arm selected track(s). Before I would forget to unarm the other tracks.
So I now use ctrl+shift+R to arm only selected track. that way its impossible to record to another track by accident. see images below


Thanks, cmbsa, for the macro :slight_smile: I will keep it in mind after some tests I’d like to try.

Concerning this issue, though, I think what is happening is if you leave on “record in editor” and close out of that window or Lower Zone, the record on the track itself stays on. So when you move to a different track, the previous track’s record-enable stays armed.

I ended up making a macro of my own, so when I open/close the key editor, it arms “record in editor” while opening, the disarms rec when closing. We’ll see if it works.