Record enable this track only

Please consider adding a key command for Record enable ONLY specific track.
Record enable on Selected Track function can be very messy, this type of command will kill all of the unwanted record enables.

Thanks :pray:t6:

There are several ways to do it already, the main one being to use the Project Logical Editor.

PLE Record Arm

But how are you unarming not selected tracks?
This is the main issue.

I’m not using a lot the logical editor so sorry if I’m miss understanding something :raised_hands:t6:

Tracks are record-armed when the user tells Cubase to do it, or sets a pref to automatically do it.

Here, I use the pref “Record Arm Selected Track”, this arms selected tracks, and disarms non selected tracks.

The only way to be more specific is to use the advanced feature set of the Project Logical Editor (which does not = Logical Editor).

Thanks a lot Steve !
I used the Project Logical Editor as you suggested, and attached it to a macro with the normal “Record Enable” function.
So it’s disable record in all tracks and than enabling the track I’m selecting.
It’s fantastic.

(The reason I don’t like use the automatic option its because I really like orchestral stuff and I want to see all the MIDI in one window for check my voicing and record above it, annd with the automatic Record Enable I really need to pay attention unless it can cause a mess)
Thanks !!! :slightly_smiling_face: