record enabled audio track is not included in export (C8)

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone else noticed this weird behaviour during exporting…
When I export my mix and if I have any audio track record enabled (I have a lot of tracks and sometimes it can happen and I don’t notice it), this track won’t be included in final mixdown. It has to do something with monitoring. I have tapemachine style monitoring enabled in preferences. Ii is not the problem with realtime export, only with offline export.
This happens in C8 and also in C8.5 (64 bit). I am on a windows 8.1 64 bit system.



Do you use the Real-time export or offline?

In realtime it works as it should.


I just tested it. The same resul is, if you use “While Record Enable” preference. The reason is, the Monitor is switched On, while exporting.

Hi All

Yes…I found to my cost that this does happen, actually sent mixes out where a vocal was missing, REALLY embarrassing. To combat this I made a macro that turned off ALL record buttons and then launched Export Mixdown and that solved it.

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Confirmed here too!

Reported as a bug.