Record enabled icon and remote feature request

I’ve got two requests, if you please:
Could you add the “Record Enabled” icon to (someplace, may be) the transport panel? It would be extremely comfortable to see if you have any tracks (let’s say deep in folders) “Record Enabled”. This way one could avoid making accidental (unwanted) recordings (by this “one” I mean myself of course)) but may be I’m not alone).

And the second request is about adding the “Record Disable” feature to the Generic remote preferences. I’ve made a “Record Enabled” warning light. It works but when I try to click on another track the lamp goes off because in Generic remote there is no record disable value/action. Cubase sends midi data as though I turn the “Record Enable” off. I understand that may be generic remote is not supposed to be used like this but is it possible to do something?))

Thank you!