Record From Busses (help)

I am trying to record the audio from several tracks onto one and am having more difficulty than one would have thought.

In the operations manual It says to add a group track and route each of the audio tracks outputs i want to record to the group track which i have done. However the next step asks to create another audio track (the one thats being recorded into) and to set the input of that track to the group channel track However the option to select the input as the group channel does not exist.

For more info on what im talking about its on page 115 of the operations manual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Which version of Cubase are you using (i.e. Artist, full version, etc.)? I believe what you describe is only possible in the full version.

If you have the full version, it is possible. FIRST, disconnect the output of the audio track onto which you intend to record. Then, you should be able to connect the input of the audio track to the output of the group track.


Ah im using Artist 7 . looks like i may have to upgrade

There are workarounds. Can you sum the tracks in a group and then use batch export to export that group. Check the “reimport as audio track” option on export.

Or, just solo the group channel… Export and check the “reimport” checkbox.


Yes that worked perfectly thank you very much saved me some money today

Glad to help. :smiley: