record from laptop

hi im really struggling with this because i have no setup cb for a while, i would like to record an audio track from a web based browser (google chrome),
the audio is goin through the interface and the monitors just fine, with correct yamaha asio, i but i cant set up any type input to record the audio :blush: inputs are yellow outputs are blue?
can someone tell me what im doing wrong please
thank you

ahhh all solved, wrong line out on lap top audio : )

unfortunately the problem is not solved :slight_smile: i can get the sound through to record, then after 20 scs it says yamaha asio was removed from your computer try using a low generic asio, but i cant get this to work also, please help
thank you

double reply sorry

am i right in thinking its just headphones out from laptop to mic/instrument in to the audio interface and the connections are your steinberg yamaha asio? thank you