record from youtube to cubase

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I know you do, and it’s a great discussion I think. I do believe it helps when we are aware of these things and discuss openly…thanks for sharing!!!

Wouldn’t an ordinary guitar cable do this for you? I’d be so mad if this screwed up our interfaces! :open_mouth:

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Hempi…Go Here…best freeware ripping toool available, it will download a youtube file, & simultaneously convert to a wav, which you can then import to Cubase.’

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He actually wanted someway to record Acid’s output. He only used youtube as an example (for recording from software, or “what you hear”).

Topic was clarified midway through. But still, the copyright discussion WAS off-topic.

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Hi Hempi.

I can confirm that I was able to record my system output through Acid without any fancy routing or cables. Just a tick box.
Do all your recording in acid as you navigate the media in question and then export one file to import in cubase.
There’s tuts online. Only way I’ve found to record system audio without needing to individually import and convert files in cubase.

On a seperate note:

Good lord! Jump to conclusions much?

Some scenarios where recording youtube would be perfectly legal in any country: Content released under various creative commons licences, media in the public domain, a myriad of free royalty-free content created specifically for reuse, content where licences have been paid, content where express permission has been granted by creators.

Furthermore, these people preach who clearly do not understand what fair use actually is. There are many scenarios where to download a video or rip audio from YouTube and make transformative material from it (perfect example is political commentary) is perfectly legal, falls under fair use and wins time and time again in court. Get your facts straight before calling people thieves who ask valid questions!

But let’s keep it 100 here. It’s always bitter old instrumentalists who can’t stomach the idea that sampling is an art :wink:
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As nobody has answered this question I will answer it for you (as for those copyright guys…).

Yes, it is possible to record directly from the internet into Cubase.

The key is your sound card. If your card can be routed to monitor sound coming into the PC you will be fine.

To check if this is possible, when in Cubase, hit the F4 key to see the device inputs. When on the device inputs page, LEFT click on the device port box (usually yellow coloured) and choose the MONITOR input.

Then set up an audio track and remember to set the input routing box to ‘stereo in’ from the drop down menu (it defaults to ‘no bus’).

Then just click record with the internet sound running.

If you have a USB sound card, this probably won’t work and you’ll need to find software to record the internet and then import sound files to Cubase.

Good luck

Hi, I have a Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO soundcard integrated in a MOXF8 Yamaha SYnth. I tried to record the Youtube sound directly but failed. I use the Stereo in with two ports on which the Audio inputs to the synth is communicated to the PC/CUbase as well as back to: Port 1 and 2 since port 3-4 are for the instrumental board sounds. I don’t have an option such as MOnitor In as the port choice.

No positive result. SO I guess it falls under the category of USB sound cards where it won’t work as said by idigress.

ANyone who knows if it is so?


Could you not hard wire/patch from your sound cards outputs into your sound cards inputs?

or record from your phone?