Record Function for Marcros - End the guessing Game!

Creating Macros in Cubase and Nuendo is a very time consuming affair. Especially if you’re not fluent with all the menu names, commands & their functions. Lets not forget, there literally hundreds of them…

A “Record” function would come in handy: Goto the macro menu > Press record > make your menu & command selections in your project in real time (as if you would execute the commands manually in sequence) > press stop and save the macro! Boom, quick & easy!

Searching through literally hundreds of key commands, guessing what their names or correct functions are, guessing what the necessary sequence is to execute the commands correctly, that just takes too much time to make sense in a daily workflow. For me anyway. But I do believe this is probably a reason why many users shy away from using them. I think its a wonderful tool and it greatly underlines Cubase’s reputation as the most customizable DAW on the market. But it just doesn’t make sense for many of us to spend hours on creating a macro for tasks that take 10 seconds to manually execute.

Another great feature would be for Steinberg to create a cloud platform on which users can share, review & rate their macros, presets, templates, track images, Halion Instruments, Midi Control templates aso.