Record imput

How do I change the record input I.E. so when I play something say online and hit the record button it will record

Options > Audio Streaming Settings

I can’t make this work
In Wavelab 7 Audio Streaming Settings I selected “Built-In Audio” as Audio Device.
In the Recording tab Channel #1 is set to “Built-In Audio L”; Channel #2 is set to “Built-In Audio R”
MacOS System Preferences/Sound is set to Internal Speakers (Built-In)
In the Wavelab 7 Recording window I select “Playback’s output (record what’s being played back)”
I play back audio in Safari and hear it playing through the built-in speakers
In Wavelab 7 the meters are not moving. I can’t record the audio.
What am I doing wrong?
Please advice…

You cannot record audio from the internet; you have to record audio from an audio device.