Record in 32bit(float) or 24bit?

sorry if this question was discussed before:
My RME Card can record only 24bit , so would it be advantageous for me set projectmode in 32bit?
Because i often use any FX and cubse calculate intern with 32bit.
What are the reason for 32bit mode:
more Headroom! yes but
notable better audio quality
much less processor use? (because cubase dont´have to convert before calculate fx?

32bit solution would have considerable disadvantages:
much more registerfile size?
more cpu load?
yepp, more HD traffic
and bus traffic?

The advantage of more headroom is only noticable in the endmix? Because during recording input of soundcard will clipp before.
FAQ or documentations gives no clear instructions what will be the way.

Maybe projectmode 24bit and only the mixed wave out is in 32bit for mastering?

thanks for answering

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There are several times where setting project bit-depth to 32fp would be advantageous.

When using an insert on the input channel during record or have the input fader off 0dB, as the result will be in 32fp.

When using any of cubases offline processes and bounce selection and probably other stuff too!!!

These (for some reason) use the project setting bit depth so could result in a loss of resolution especially if used in multiples.

Imagine if you had it set to 16bit and repeatedly processed a file 32>16>32>16>32>16 not good!

These days I just set it to 32 and leave it there, unless you’re streaming 100 odd tracks it ain’t going to be a problem and file size is mostly irrelevant these days.

The cpu load will be the same as all files are converted to 32fp anyway.