Record in stop mode

What is record in stop mode and how to do it. Thank.

Do you know where the manual is? Be a lot quicker to read it.

Oh, did you read the manual, then you would know. Why you don’t try to help.
Why would I ask that question then. I am asking because it’s not in the manual.

It’s a bit much to ask other people here to read the manual for you and then paraphrase or quote it for you here.
YES, it is in the manual! Open the manual in Acrobat reader and use the search function for “stop mode” and you’ll get it first hit. Is that really so much to ask? :wink:

Alright, it’s so easy. There is nothing much in CUbase 6 manual about it.

My question is What is record in stop mode and how to do it.
And the manual say:

Recording can be activated in Stop mode (from the current cursor position or from the left locator) or during playback:

That does not answer my question.

Activate= you can arm the track (ready for recording) while play is stopped.
Laws of simple physics dictate that one cannot record while the “tape” is not moving, ie: recording.
A simple semantic misunderstanding? (by the manual writer / translator maybe?)
I wouldn’t get anxious about it.
Now, you need any songs writing? Read the Haynes manual maybe, so we know how to fix your car? :mrgreen:

Cubase is always recording whether in play or stop ‘mode’

The nomenclature is retrospective record.

Thanks. We should make a wiki book in plain Englsh. Retrospective record sound better.

Is “record in stop mode” translated from a different language?

From my French background, a word what descrive what it is is not necessarely pretty, some nicer words could make it sound better. That is why I like Retrospective recording better than in stop mode.

If only they would have describes what recording in stop mode was, I wouldn’t be asking. I wouln’t write a book without a lexique and describing expression used and their definition along the way, it’s anti-pedagogic.