Record indicator - A simple request?

Dear Phillipe,
It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything here!..
The one thing that REALLY bugs me about Wavelab 7 is the ‘Flashing’ record light (in the record window/UI)
In the world of professional audio, a flashing red light means ‘record ready’ (or armed) a steady red light means recording in progress. At least that’s how it’s been for me over the last 27years…
It’s the wrong way around in Wavelab 7, can this be fixed as it freaks me out every time I use it ? Or can there be an option/preferences to set the behaviour of the record indicator to keep it in-line with other apps/hardware?
Hope you’re keeping well.
Best wishes,

Though this has not changed in WaveLab 8, there is a new major hint to hilite the recording status (the whole dialog changes its color to red). Also, the time code window changes color.

OK that’s an improvement :wink:
Thanks Philippe!
Best wishes,

Good point indeed. I’ve made it a habit to check the running ‘recorded time’ display in the recording dialog, since I also don’t trust the blinking red light for being so familiar with ‘record ready’.

Mmh, not sure that is an improvement… I usually check the recording dialog while it’s on top of my Cubase layout, and this may be a bit over the top for clarity. But let’s wait and see - in the meantime, my vote goes to 'blinking - record ready, constant - recording now.