Record Live Video?

If I have a supported input device, like a BlackMagic DeckLink Mini Recorder, can I record a video input while tracking? I would like to track a live show as well as a program feed from video. Thanks.

For reliability I would record the video with a different computer (or a VTR) and synchronize the Nuendo machine using a video reference signal (video black burst or tri level sync).

You’ll need a clock device that can translate a video ref signal to a word clock, and an audio card that can take this word clock. This will guaranty that the video and audio will stay in sync.

Or use a Syncstation that can do that and even take a SMPTE timecode input or 9pin input. The TC or 9pin input will give you the same Timecode for audio if you can send it from the video system.

Even if you don’t use the TC or 9pin input, you will get audio and video running synchronously if you use a video ref sync signal as a reference for both machine. You’ll just need to find the offset later.

Be careful to meticulously test your setup before to record, it is very easy to make setup errors as soon as you need synchronization.

Not within Nuendo…
Bye/ Tumppi