Record Lock

Hi There,

I do a couple of ADR projects. In the old days one used a seperate recording unit to record every take as a security recording in case of erasing stuff or deleting or whatever accident could happen to the original recording. I am running, or are able to run, two Nuendosystems, one of is the master with all the ADR stuff and I want the second one to be the security system. So I will sync the system to the Master via TC and want it to record every take. My question is there a function like record lock, so to speak to keep the record function button locked that the system goes into record the moment sync is reached.


Your life might be a lot simpler if you just record to a mirrored array.

Hi whhels,

thanks for your proposal, but I have no Idea how to set up a mirrored Nuendo production enviroment.


I think this will properly work when you sync the two systems through System link.
It is normal that the second system drops out of record when sync is lost.


Thanks. Fredo,
Seems that that could be a usefull solution.I will have a try.