Record midi data to multiple midi channels

I currently use Fl Studio (for my sins) it’s good at some things, bad at others, and has some really weird ideas/implementation of a lot of things. But it doesn’t do one thing i would really like, even after a lengthy thread on the FL forums…

I have my PC WIN10, RME UC, and an AKAI S950 and a cheapo midi keyboard.

The S950 has samples split into “keygroups” across the keyboard and they are also assigned to individual midi channels and audio outputs.
I would like to jam on the keyboard and have the data from that jam to be sent to individual tracks in the DAW without having to keep going to the mouse and swapping tracks re-arming and so on. So i could theoretically record a whole track in one hit, and when i press stop all the different samples would be in there respective tracks in the DAW. Also for the DAW to ignore and not record any data that is not linked to that channel, i.e notes that are outside of its range. I can get sort of there with FL but it’s really really messy, confusing and has highlighted some other issues with the DAW.

Some searching online lead me to believe something called “Midi Transformer” may be what i’m looking for? Unfortunately it doesn’t appear on any trial versions of CB? I have/had an old copy of CB 4 LE but i cannot, for the life of me get it to work on my Win10 machine. It’s old anyway so probably for the best.

I hope you understand my request? Any help guidance is very much appreciated. Moving DAW is a big move, for me anyway.
Thanks, F

What you are looking for is called the Input Transformer. It’s in the upper right corner of the Track’s Inspector and looks like half a square wave with an arrow-head. It will be in the Pro demo - not sure if Artist or Elements has it.

Do i need a usb dongle for the demo? I just want to try out a small feature that isn’t in elements…

Yes you do.

I’m oldskool, hence the Akai, and am really only using the DAW for MIDI sequencing and mixing with effects. Is there any way i can try out the “Input Transformer” i don’t mind older versions just to see if i can get my head around it?
I really don’t want to pay for something that is a 30 day trial and more importantly i don’t know if will work for me.
Moving DAW will be a real wrench for me…

Thanks for the replies

EDIT I can’t actually find which versions have it in the comparison chart.
A web search shows that Elements used to but now doesn’t, but not much else…

Yeah, I was surprised they left it off the comparison chart too.