Record midi fx or route it out to another track in my daw

I would like to know if there is a way to export the midi from the midi fx page or route it out to another instrument/midi track in my daw? I tried exporting and routing out the rudiment from the midi fx page / tab with both the vst3 and au version but had no luck. If there isnt a way, could this be a feature for a future update or at least have the ability to record the rudiments or midi delay from the midi fx page / tab to a midi pattern within groove agent, that way I can choose which individual midi note can trigger another sample. I know there is a mode feature in each edit main sample page where I can select round robin and stack multiple samples into a pad, but I’m still not able to choose when I want to precisely trigger another sample to hit during a roll, drag, or midi delay. For this, I need to surgically move whichever midi note (that was recorded from midi fx rudiments or midi delay) I desire to another pad.