Record midi in Key Editor

Hi! In older version of Cubase when I record in key editor the new notes was recorded directly in open part of track, now every time Cubase creates new part of track. it is very inconvenient.earlier if I needed a new part I recorded directly into track in the inspector. how to disable it? And second question - is it possible to make “always on top” the open window of Key editor? not in the lower zone, when open whole window?

the first question clarifed. the record button should be pressed on the transport panel. the second question remains

If you want the key editor to open as it did in older versions when double-clicking a MIDI event, set the Preferences>Editors to Double-click opens Editor in a Window.

** beanstalk40*** Thank you!

Thank you, I know it. But I want after open the window of editor does not close if I accidentally touch or click parts or button other windows.

Thank you all for answering a question I didn’t have yet, but was certain to have at some future point. :smiley: