record MIDI real time with mouse? its possible?

is there a way to record midi in real time using just mouse?

if you ask me for what, im trying to do some experiments as im not guitarist… I want to play some fast notes with the mouse from up to down on the piano roll, not click by click more like in one click and a hand movement

If you use the pencil tool in the key editor, yes you can put in notes with every click you make?


Open Virtual Keyboard in Cubase and use this one. This is tired to the All MIDI Inputs, so you can record from here. You can click by mouse or you can use your computer keyboard.

Output of the keyboard on the left side of the Key Editor is not routed to any MIDI Input, so you can’t use this.

In Drum Editor you even don’t have to mouse up. Just more down and draw in the matrix.