Record Midi "stacking" problem

Here goes,

I’m recording a Roland V-Drums kit, via one midi cable, to my Presonus FP10, to Cubase 6.05.

This works fine with no latency issues, and the midi notes are showing up in the right places. HOWEVER, a problem occurs after only a handful of takes. Everything played, is being stacked on top of the same beat, despite the record lane scrolling across the project window. So if say, the kick was hit 10 times, its all piled on the first beat played, as is everything else hit.

Anybody experience anything similar? A restart of Cubase has fixed this every time. But, it keeps happening after only a few mins of normal operation.

Any help would be great!


If you’re in Windows, this may be a system timer issue. Check “Use System Timestamp” checkboxes on MIDI Port Setup window.

More (both detailed technical and very practical) information about issue can be found here:


you can read this maybye it helps.


Ah thank you fellas!

Both articles seem to highlight my exact problem! I’ll test out the timestamp option and let ya know how she runs!