Record midi tracks on separate input channels

I would like to record midi on two different channels from my keyboard to two different vsti tracks as well. My keyboard can send upper notes on channel 5 and lower notes on channel 6. I’d like to record this way so that I can hear what it will sound like on playback without having to chop up the midi parts later. The midi channel setting in the track inspector only refers to the vsti midi channel to be used, not the midi input channel. The midi input choices only refer to whole instruments (omni) not specific channels. Is there a way to do this in cubase?

Thank you Google and Philskeys for finding the answer from way back in 2015 in case anyone else needs this basic functionality:

“In the inspector there is a bent arrow called the input transformer. select it and choose “Local”. The transformer opens up.
Turn on the power button for module 1.
In the preset list choose “channel filtering” and then assign a channel for that track. “Pass ch 1” should do just that - pass only channel #1.
Do the same for each incremental track and channel.”