Record modulation CC1 workflow

Hello friends
I would like to be able to first record-input notes in a midi part and after the fact record cc1 modulation (or other controller) for this same part. Also In case I don’t like the CC1 I recorded I would like to record again CC1 thus replacing the previous one. I don’t seem to find the midi record mode that gives me this possibility. Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance

Hi, you just have to records the notes, stop the recording, go back to the starting point, start again the recording, and this time record the CC. The MIDI recording mode should be set to Merge (in Cycle Mode to Mix) -->

Thank you for your reply. The modes you suggest do not produce the results I need. It does record the CC the first time but if you want to record a second time to correct your first recording it stacks the new information with the previous creating a mess. The point is to replace the CC recording and always keep the last one.

Check out the midi recording options on the bottom left, you can change it to “replace”.

This is a possible workflow:

  1. Set MIDI Record Mode to “Replace”
  2. in Preferences/Record/MIDI set “Replace Recording in Editors” to “Controller”
  3. Open Part in Key-Editor and make sure the Editor Record Button is enabled.

In this Setting new recorded Controller will erase the existing ones.

Thank you all. The last suggestions work fine

Can this be new MIDI part (original recording + added controller (via Editor) Leslie efx) be added to again? Or is it a one time only edit function?

For example, let’s say I recorded a B3 organ part and then opened the Editor and added Leslie Slow/Fast changes to my MIDI track. Could I then open the Editor a second time and add draw bar changes?

You can always add any controller, when You record in an Editor. The setting above will erase existing controller events of the same type during recording.