Record Mono track to make a streo track

Hello Cubase family,

I am trying to convert a mono track to a stereo track in Cubase Elements 6. I saw this done on YouTube with no problems, but when I try it, it doesn’t work. I believe I don’t have my busses set up properly. I believe this is easy I just can’t do it. I am using Cubase elements 6 and a Lexicon Lambda with an HP Pavillion 200 GB with 3 GB of RAM. Any info given would be greatly appreciated.


You can create a new, empty, stereo track and drag your mono event(s) to it. Copy/Paste should work, too. Or, is it something else you are trying to accomplish?

You could also mixdown your mono track to stereo and import into project.

And for NEW recordings you can create a stereo track, and assign a mono soundcard input to it. The recorded file will be mono, but you can use stereo plugins on the channel ( or mono to stereo plugins, like : mono guitar amp>>mono compressor>>>mono to stereo chorus).